Personal Narrative : Extreme Sympathy, Empathy And Rage Essay

1436 Words Apr 12th, 2016 null Page
Critical reflection
My Initial reaction to video was extreme sympathy, empathy and rage. I recognized my disgust in the behaviors of precious’s parents in relation to the treatment and care of precious. I further recognized however. How real this situation could be within the career and field of work that Social Workers are providing services through. Acknowledging that my disgust would need extreme self-awareness to check, acknowledge, and learn about my own personal bias and limitations when working with families that possibly are similar to that of precious’s family. I felt extreme sadness for the situations and experiences that precious as a child and a human was facing. I wanted to rescue her and provide her with all the things she was wrongfully stripped of. I however know that is unrealistic but was a motherly instinct. My initial reaction was also shame that as a society and a population that these type of situations happen extremely more often than anyone everyone knows about. Further shame that as a society that fights for equality, and equity or likes to appear to do so, we still have systems that ultimately oppose this belief itself. We have structures, mandates, and guidelines that often tend to overwork workers, be cookie cut standards, and not allow an individual consideration that allows those in extreme need to slip through the cracks, or left inappropriately assisted. I believe my social location influenced my initial response to the situation.…

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