Personal Narrative Essay: The Lazy Bear

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The Lazy Bear

On a day like the others, I went outside to look for some food at the store. On my way back home, I found a magical door in the middle of the street, but this door wasn 't an ordinary door, it was neon green and had lights above. I had nothing to do. Therefore, I decided to inspect what was going on with the door. The moment I opened it, the door started to drag me into it. After a while, I opened my eyes and I was in a magical place where nothing seemed to be familiar. The walls were purple with pink; like chewed gum. There was a long crowd of unknown people that were looking at me; but they didn 't have a human shape, their bodies were all colorful and fluffy. I was surprised and wondered what this world was. After a while,
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This animal had big and had sharp nails on its four paws; it looked like a demon to me. My dad held the animal, I thought he was brave, and he then gave it to my sister. The demon embraced my sister 's body with its nails which made me think that my sister was in danger and that she could be killed by it. I was scared so I ran away and hid behind my mother. I was telling my mother that my sister was in danger, and that she could die or get her face scratched. She just smiled at my advice, i didn 't understand, why my were parents doing …show more content…
Instead, I just got a frustrated picture and felt bad with myself because I didn 't have the courage to face my fears, even if it was a small one. Knowing that it was a sloth and that was its natural behavior, I would like to meet that old guy again and ask him to lend me his sloth to take a picture of me with it. To conclude, my only purpose is to overcome my fear to be hugged by this animal, to touch it, to lift it, and to get a nice picture with it, like my siblings did. I don 't want to be remembered as a whimp .

When I was done watching what the television had to show me, I was trapped in that world. The crowd that was looking at me had disappeared, I was alone. I didn 't know where to go, so I just walked around, trying to find an exit or a sign that would tell me how to get back to Earth. While I was trying to find help, I just found the old guy from


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