Safe Haven In My Childhood

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Safe Haven

Throughout my childhood I experienced many changes and difficult times. When people hear the word sanctuary they typically think of a place but for me it is something I can do just about anywhere. In my early childhood some of my best times with my family were when we all bonded by watching television together. Television has always been my favorite way to escape reality and all the pain brought with it. Whether I was creating memories or using television to help set my goals, watching television gave me a feeling of security. Television became my sanctuary from the memories I have from watching television during my early childhood. I am the youngest child so for a couple years I was the only child at home when my siblings were at school. My mom would often set me up in the living room on our super soft tan couch with some vegetables and ranch to watch television while she cleaned the house. I would sing and dance to the theme songs of Teletubbies and Blue Clues. When dinner time came around, I would join my mom in the kitchen to help her prepare for dinner. We had a little television on the counter where we would watch Ellen together. One memory I hold close to my heart is watching television with my grandfather on his hospital bed. My family would drive over six hours whenever my siblings and I had a long weekend off of school to visit my grandfather. For the majority of my
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During the school year my family would eat dinner together and then move to the living room to watch shows like The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, and The Bachelor. Every summer when I go to visit my Nana in Florida we watch Big Brother together. We both grab drinks and some snacks to eat while we watch. No matter how stressed I was I could count on watching television with the ones I love the most to cheer me up. Pushing through my anxiety was difficult but it helped to set goals for

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