Personal Narrative Essay: My Last Trip To Kitchener

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Register to read the introduction… which seat do I take? Siting in the first class on the way to Netherlands, sitting in the back seat all the way to france. And finally after fun,fun,fun,fun all the way to California, being our last flight from Europe into north america. But did I end up staying there? So we took a pit stop to Chicago then our final visit in the US was the big apple. But once again we did not live there because we were not into the fast pace environment. At age four right after new york ,( not staying there for long) we traveled to Toronto and met up with first uncle on my mother's side and he led us to Kitchener where we loved so dearly. Kitcheners slow pace K-W area caught our attention and my mother knew this was the place to live. Now at age five I had some knowledge in my brain and Kitchener had reminded me of the sandy beaches of California lo-o-ove, the buzzing and beeping of new York, the multiculturalism in the poor place of Dubai, the classy, fancy and spiffy feeling of Italy and the very spine chilling feeling of the Russian snow. in Kitchener we settled in snugly feeling at home in our first house

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