Personal Narrative-Grandfather's Journey

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I remember very well the way it happened and the slow decline into my great-grandfather 's passing. He was always a lively person, full of energy and always had candy in his pockets. when he stopped smoking he would put in hard pieces of candy to calm the urges but after all these years it was more for the kids of the family than anything .He was always laughing and always had jokes it was a blow to the whole family when he passed away. I Had just got back from a trip to Colorado. I went to Warped Tour this year with my cousin, as soon as I had came back I heard about how bad of health he had went into in just a week and a few days. I was instantly in Cabot with him even though there was only a week and half left till school started. I stayed there the whole time, never leaving. My great- grandmother was a wreck, crying all the time and not …show more content…
I couldn 't go to the shell that once held my lively and spirited Grandpa, something I now regret. The funeral home people had finally come as the sky drifted into inky black darkness, The moon and the stars not making an appearance seeming to grieve my Grandpa’s passing just as much as we were. I sat outside by myself, finally I let the tears run down my cheeks, Finally letting the pain take over and asking God why He would take another person I love. I went home that night, not able to take being in that house any longer. I was so tired from not sleeping in days worried that one night while I was asleep would be his last night. My eyes heavy from crying, my face swollen, I climbed into my momma’s silver Dodge Caravan waiting to make the long drive back to Smackover. When we finally reached home it was midnight and I was numb, I couldn 't think and all I did was stare at the walls. To lose someone is like a shock to the system, You shut down completely. We had school in two days and I somehow pulled myself together and put a big fake smile on my

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