Personal Narrative Essay: My Freshman Year In High School

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Freshman year seems like an eternity ago and just yesterday at the same time. It is hard for me to believe that this is my last year in high school. It scares me, but I know I will enjoy my memories from these four years my entire life. Throughout my high school career, I have grown from a light hearted, naive child to a determined, well-rounded young woman. The journey I have taken during high school reminds me in many ways of what my horse has gone through over the past years. She has had a lot of bumps along the road, as have I in my personal life. Many people might have given up a long time ago. My hard work in both my own life and the training of my horse are starting to pay off. Similar to my mare going through training, my high school …show more content…
She was six. She was still a baby. I was riding Flower outside. We were loping across the middle of the arena. It was just a regular ride; there wasn’t anything strenuous about it. All of a sudden, she pulled up lame. She wasn’t moving right on her right front leg. Little did I know that this was the start of years of heartbreak and pain for her and me. The vet came out to the barn just a few hours later and gave me the diagnosis. He couldn’t find anything seriously wrong with her. He called it a “soft tissue injury”, which was a broad term. The treatment was stall rest for the whole entire summer. She couldn’t get turned out, and I couldn’t ride her for almost three months. All of my goals were put on the back burner. Back at school, I was a sophomore. I was practically an adult! I had a close group of friends, and we did everything together. I was really good friends with this one guy. At least, I was pretty sure we were just friends. I wasn’t allowed to date until I was sixteen, anyways. Things went on as usual. School was school, the barn was the barn. The school year ended soon enough. This was the one and only summer that I was going to be sixteen. I planned on making the most of it. I got my first job working part time at the University of Findlay Western Farm. I worked all day Mondays and …show more content…
The guy’s friend was texting me. He told me how much the guy still liked me. He said he wasn’t going to move on until he knew if I liked him or not. I was confused. I thought I had made it perfectly clear earlier that I did not want to date. At this point, I was fed up with everything and everyone. I was so confused and disappointed. Nothing was going right at all. I had a lame horse and a guy that wouldn’t leave me be and move on with his life.
I have learned after many heartaches and problems in my life that God is always there for me. Sometimes it takes me too long to remember this, and I try to fix things on my own, but after awhile I always end up on my knees asking for His help. He helped me once again with my problems with this guy. I prayed for clarity on how I should handle the situation and thankfully everything turned out according to His plan.
In November 2015, my prayers for healing for Flower came to fruition. We took her to a new veterinarian, who after many tests, prescribed a new corrective type of shoeing and referred us to a new farrier. From then until now, she has made incredible improvement and has never had an extended period of lameness. She has made such advances in her training. I hope to show her next summer in open shows and then work up to a quarter horse show

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