Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Hunting

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Every year my dad and I go deer hunting at my grandma’s house. One year my cousin and his dad came with us. Going hunting I learned many valuable lessons. I learned about gun safety and how hunters should always know where their group is. I learned to be as quiet and as motionless as possible when waiting, but most importantly I learned patience when I went hunting.
The first day we started at 5:30 am. The sun wasn’t out yet and it had just started to snow. My first step out of the house I felt the cold hit my face. I could smell the mud on my boots from previous trips. By early morning the ground was covered with a white blanket of snow. All I could see was white and I knew these were the perfect conditions for a successful hunting trip. I was very excited.
We first tried a push through my grandma’s timber, but by noon we haven’t seen or heard a single deer. So we decided to go back up to the house for some lunch. We had some soup and sandwiches to warm us up. The soup tasted great after a long morning of walking but I knew we weren’t done yet. After we warmed up enough, we went back out there. By now the snow had stopped and everything was bright white. The sun was shining and they sky
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We couldn’t believe that we shot him. A couple minutes after the shot my dad called and asked us if we shot anything and we said yes. By now it was 6:00 when my dad and uncle arrived. We took it up to the house and showed our grandparents what we shot. My grandparents were very excited and my grandpa told me that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have patience.
On the way home my dad and I were very happy. Even though we didn’t shoot anything it was worth it. I learned you couldn’t always be rewarded without a little bit of patience. I knew if I had stayed at the house I wouldn’t have had so much fun. I will always remember my cousin’s incredible last second shot that made the whole weekend worth

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