Personal Narrative Essay: Micca De Joya

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With summer just around the corner, I thought that we could indulge ourselves in the life of a food and travel aficionado.
Micca De Joya, an up-and-coming food blogger, has made use of her free time at the office to start her own blog, “Micca Matakaw.”
Micca is your typical Chinese-Filipino kid currently working in her family’s business. She graduated as an Economics major in UC Berkeley and before moving back home to Manila about two years ago, she worked as a photographer and a Lyft driver in California. Although none of these seem to be related to food, Micca continued to pursue being a food enthusiast through writing.
I’ve known Micca for a long time now and every time we see each other, it’s usually in a restaurant to try out some meals.
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Without hesitation, she remarks, “It’s how to be creative. Weaving words into descriptive paragraphs takes the most effort for me. Also, keeping the pounds off!” We both agreed that with food blogging, it’s hard to stop eating. The more we talked, I began to grasp another side of Micca; beyond her humorous personality, there was a competitive woman who was also sort of a perfectionist. I asked her what she loved about the whole thing. She answered, “Pushing myself to try new restaurants! It’s a comfort zone thing for me: Would I like to risk trying something new that could go either way or just eat at where I know the food is good? I’ve been leaning towards the former a lot more now. Most of all, I love being able to unapologetically talk about anything I want! It’s great to not be bound by the constraints that other kinds of writing will have placed on you.” Furthermore, when asked about how her experience as a blogger has been so far, she replied, “It’s been really fun! I think writing about food has changed the way I think about it. I’m more willing to try different restaurants and dishes that I wouldn’t normally go for. I do more research about food and even my vacations have started to revolve around what restaurants I want to try. I’ve also used a lot more than I’ve expected to.” Finally, I asked her what advice she could give for future bloggers; “Start. If it’s on your mind, go for it (doesn’t even have to be just a food blog). Nothing will happen if you don’t start somewhere. Find the motivation to write or even just take pictures even if it’s slowly at first. Try to remember your experiences. What made them unique? What made you remember them after all this time? If you want to go deeper, try to think about food critically: Is it sustainable? Are we supporting local farmers?

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