Personal Narrative Essay: Journaling My Dreams

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Journaling my dreams was not a very easy thing for me to do. I tend to not remember my dreams, so it took a lot of hard work for me to correctly recollect them. The reason I chose this dream to analyze was because I found it so strange and completely untrue. The truth about how I felt about my mother and how she treated me was nothing close to my dream. That is why I actually enjoyed analyzing it and getting down to the truth of what it really meant.
The first thing I distinctly remember from my dream is my mother. She seemed to be drunk or not interested in her surroundings. I felt comfortable and safe in my dream as soon as I had seen my mother because I love her very much. We were in our house, when all of a sudden I remember her yelling at me over something. I no longer felt any love coming from her, and I realized she did not like me. Throughout the entire dream, the only thing I could think about what the fact that she did not like me and showed me no love. I constantly kept trying to get her approval, but it seemed as if each time I tried, she would ignore me and make me feel less confident. It got to the point where I felt so sad and upset that I started crying in my dream. In the middle of crying, I suddenly became aware that I was actually crying not only in my dream, but in reality. That is when I
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Or more specifically, this perspective suggests that the reason I dreamt of my mother not liking me means that subconsciously I am scared that she will no longer love me over something I cannot control; such as simply being myself. This perspective concerns me more because of the strong emotions I felt in the dream. Even if I was in fear of my mother’s approval, I did not feel very strongly about it yet, this is the only translation I can understand from this

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