Personal Narrative : Building A Red Tower Essay

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For the interview , I asked a Quincey -playing in the building area, building with blocks, what is favorite toy was, and he grabbed some building blocks, and stacked them ,and replied ” Blocks are my favorite toys , especially the green ones.” I asked him “why” , and he responded that - “you can build towers.” He said “you can build a red tower, a blue one, a green one, and lastly a yellow one.” Quincey stated he also enjoyed counting them. He is fully engaged in building, and can build small towers, and castles around him. He spends most of his time building with the blocks, and can stay focused on his task for most of his play time. Quincey was asked , what he enjoyed more blocks, or small puzzles. He replied “blocks”. He said he like to stack them high. Tell me more about what you are building Quincey. Quincey replied he is building a city. He also stated he likes the LEGO Duplos, the Junior Construction Set the best. I asked Quincey , “What do you like better - blocks , or the train set?” Quincey picked the blocks again. Quincey would rather play with blocks in the building area, than with playdough, tiles,lincoln logs, or the plastic hammers, and construction equipment. Quincey, said “ I want to be a builder when I get bigger.” “ Quincey, Rose has a new game, would you like to play the new connect four game? I asked, “No” he replied, and continued with building blocks.

Toy Evaluations
The toy evaluations were based upon the article” “ 10 Coolest High Tech Toys for…

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