Personal Narrance: My Happy Place In Michoacan, Mexico

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We all have a happy place somewhere on this planet. It’s that place we refuge to when we want to escape from reality. My safe haven is my grandparent’s ranch which is located in Michoacan, Mexico. This property has been family owned since 1956, so it has plenty of family history. My father and six of his siblings were born in different areas of the ranch’s home. A few of my aunts also had their weddings out in the backyard. The family history that this ranch holds is the main reason that it will always be my safe haven.

The physical appearance of the ranch is stunning. There is a dirt road surrounded by huge oak trees that leads to the ranch; it feels like you are traveling to a secret castle in a forest. Upon arriving to the ranch
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My grandmother decorated the kitchen to fit her creative imagination. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling in a very bright and colorful backsplash. For the floor my grandmother chose a checkerboard-like pattern with multiple dark colors. The cabinets have glass doors which allows us to see all their decorative dining dishes. They have a long wooden table with the same colors as the backsplash running through the center. This table fits twenty-five family members. During the holidays and family gatherings, my grandparents pull out two more tables about the same length to fit our entire family. My grandmother always makes sure she has freshly cut flowers in a vase at the center of the table to add even more color to the already colorful …show more content…
In the backyard, there has been numerous weddings and other magical events. There is a separate and even larger garden with mainly fruit plants and trees. This garden covers about half of the entire backyard. At one point the garden covered eighty percent of the yard. My grandparents had to cut down the size of their garden because they had way too many plants to take care of. The amount of plants they have to this day is plentiful, but somehow they manage to take care of them all. Many great family moments were created in the backyard of the ranch. My father and siblings learned how to ride horses at a very early age. Many of the grandchildren in the family also learned how to ride and take care of the horse on this

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