Personal Narrative: A Stranger's Home

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As I wake up in this stranger’s home with tears coming down my face I asked myself would I ever see my parents again. It all started when I was in second grade. One day I was messing around and I got in trouble with my dad, and I could tell that he furious his whole face was red and I swear I could see the smoke come out of his ears, so I ran away from him, but he trapped me in the corner and he took off his belt and he started beating me while I laid on the floor I can feel the sting of the belt all through my body, I tried covering the hits with my arms but the pain was too painful most of the blows landed on my leg and after the beating was over he told me to go to my room. I had to limp all the way to my bed with tears running thru my face. …show more content…
As I was sitting behind this police car I was wondering what was happening and then I was noticing that we were heading to my sister middle school. One of the officers got out and when he came back, he brought my sister out with him. Then after we got to the police station and they brought me and my sister thru the back with all the criminals and all these guys looked like these giant monsters covered in tattoos, handcuffed to the bench and we had to sit right next to them like if we were criminals too. After waiting in the bench for a while these two investigator came two me and my sister and they split us apart. We each went to different rooms and they started to interrogate me. They asked me questions like, “how many times has my dad abused me?”, “has he ever abused my sister?’, “has he ever abused my mom?”. Then after all of the question me and my sister where reunited and we were hungry but these dumb cops didn’t know what to do with a couple of kids so they fed us chips and candy from the vending machine. Then after hours of being in the police station they transferred us to the child service office. They put us in this giant play room, and since me and my sister really didn’t eat the whole day they ordered us a pizza and put on some movies. We spent hours in this place then about 12 at night this lady came to the office and the social worker said that we were to go live with this lady. Me and my sister were scared we have never met this lady in our lives, and now we had to go live with this stranger. So we got in her van and we drove for what felt like hours (my sister says that we were in Pasadena). Then when we got to her house she showed us to our rooms and told us that we’ll go shopping in the morning for new

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