Personal Level Growing Up Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Dave became a successful physician in Redwood City, California. Redwood City is where they bought a big house and raised a family of five kids; my mother being the second oldest of the bunch. My nana still lives in that house today, and I have many lasting memories there growing up. Before I was born, Barney DeCoster (Mary’s father) moved into the guest house behind the back yard when he was too old to care for himself. Barney would always be playing pinochle in the backyard with his elderly friends. He would try to explain the game to me, but I was too young to understand such a complex game. He would tell the same stories about Detroit during dinner, and all of us would go along with it even though we had heard the stories many times. I am thankful I was fortunate enough to know my great grandpa Barney on a personal level growing up. Barney is my middle name in his honor, and I try to be as good as a person he was.
I do not associate myself as much with my dad’s side of the family. My dads parents, who ironically were also named Dave and Mary Johnson, are much more closed-minded people than my Nana and Pop. They often criticized my brother for living a different lifestyle that they thought was okay. For some reason that side of the family is mainly men. My grandpa Johnson had three brothers. Him and Marylyn had four boys, my father Fritz being the youngest. My uncle Hans had two boys, Uncle Thor had a boy and a girl, and my dad had three boys.


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