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I. Have you ever sat down on a bus, train or even in a class room and all of the sudden inhaled a scent that nearly makes you throw up? At first you look to see if there is a dead animal somewhere near you. Then you nonchalantly act as if you are scratching the back of your head and you give your underarms a whiff. Once you have eliminated those options you look to your left and realize it’s the person sitting beside.
II. I cannot even count how many times this has happen to me.
III. Today I am going to talk to you about the importance of personal hygiene, a topic that affects every single person throughout the world.
IV. This fact shows how important personal hygiene is to the everyday person. We live in a society that tells us that
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III. This reflects a small percentage of how much money spent in the cosmetics industry.
IV. Hypothetically if you were an employer would you hire someone who wears dirty cloths and smells horrible? Some employers have sections about personal hygiene in there employee handbooks, which employees must sign before they begin working. For example, my employer Stew Leonard’s, which is a produce and wine store chain, states in our employee handbook that all employees must wear clean uniforms and men must be clean shaven.
V. In a more personal aspect, would you date someone who smells terrible? I know I wouldn’t.
VI. Body odor and bad breath are apparent in today's world of pleasurable aromas and can be quite distracting.

Now let me move on to the Health connection to personal hygiene.

Body III
I. The environment we live in contains much that can be harmful to humans, such as disease producing organisms, infected animals, water, and polluted air contaminated with germs
II. Personal hygiene creates a kind of a sanitary barrier and helps prevent infectious diseases.
III. We see good hygiene as an indication of good health. It shows that a person takes the time to care for themselves, someone who takes a measure of pride in their appearance.
IV. Bathing regularly promotes good skin and hair health.
V. For those of us who have health

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