Essay Personal Gain From Supporting The Rights Of The Help

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In addition, one finds that Skeeter experiences personal gain from supporting the rights of the help. In Jackson white high-society, the norm is for women to marry, and their marriage and subsequent place in society determines how successful they are. Rather than relying on marriage as a means of success, Skeeter chooses to work and is resistant to marriage, even telling her mother that she does not want to get married. Meanwhile her friends see Skeeter’s job as a “the last stop before marriage” and insinuate that marriage is the apex of success for women of their status in society (The Help). However, Skeeter deviates from the traditional definition of success by pursuing success in her career rather than in society or family life, and has different motives than the average socialites of Jackson. Instead of getting married, Skeeter takes a job at the local newspaper to gain more experience for a job at a bigger paper in New York for Elaine Stein. When Skeeter has the idea to write about the help, she contacts Stein who then dictates how Skeeter should write the story. Because Skeeter follows a different definition of success and would not be harmed by having her help disrupt her social or family life, she is able to fight against the system with fewer consequences. After the book is published, Stein offers Skeeter a job in New York, a development that would benefit only Skeeter and not her social class that she leaves behind in Jackson. Similar to Skeeter, other white…

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