The Abyss Gazes Into You Analysis

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Growing up in the countryside of a small town in Indiana, the outdoors became my home. I could be found roaming, exploring and imaging adventure in the grassy fields, the rolling hills and bewitched woods. Starting from dawn to dusk I was outside. Summer consisted of enchanted forests, while the winters transformed into wonderlands. The outdoors was somewhat of a storybook to me. It held my imagination and dreams. To me nature has not become a symbol of my childhood, but also a place of comfort. There is no judgment, rather a sense of freedom.

While visiting the exhibition The Abyss Gazes Into You by Spencer Murphy his representation of his child and nature is one I appreciated. Doing some research I found out the Murphy too grew up in a small town in the
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Nature, in my perspective is one of vibrancy, inspiration and ease. Even on a rainy day, that desertion still provides me with a sense of simplicity or ease.

It’s interesting nature is a force that is consisting surrounding us. Everyday we see it, feel it and experience it, yet each and every one of us has different interpretation of it. For Spencer Murphy he sees the magnitude of power and vastness nature encompasses, yet his relationship nature consists of seeing themes such as mortality, desolation, beauty, despair, and some hope. While for me nature signifies youth, freedom, hope, life and comfort.

While I respected Murphy’s series and messages he was conveying, the one particular photo that stood out the most to me was an image of a tree. Out of the entire series this was the photo that symbolized nature in a light that was calm and comforting. For me, personally, it reminded me of those whimsical times I spent in the wood during my childhood. Through the natural lighting from the sun emerging through the branches a sense of warmth is given

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