Personal Development Reflection

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Personal Development is a work-focused module is founded on professional recognition of the need for programmes that support individual personal and professional development and that encourage and promote skills to enable contribution to one’s own personal development. The course aims to promote increased understanding of the factors facilitating the development of self and the learning of others with a view to influencing work-based practice. Through this course we were able to identify professional development needs for self and others; identify and evaluate ways in which we can promote our own personal and professional development; demonstrate skills of self-reflection and professional reflection on our learning experience and
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Personal development involves accepting responsibility for our life and taking conscious actions to improve it. Personal development is not a technique or tool to make quick fixes. Personal development is a way of life. Personal development can take many forms. Personal development can be educating ourselves to improve our knowledge. Personal development can be stepping up and facing the things we fear so that we will improve our courage. Personal development can be exercising to increase our fitness. Personal development can even be making ourselves more financially independent or improving our relationships with others. Personal development is more than that though. Personal development is the attitude that we are constantly improving our life. It is the attitude that keeps us from settling down at a life that is below our best. Personal development does have a cost. Personal development involves a lot of hard work, patience and it often involves some pain. Often the path through personal development can become discouraging.
PDP is an extremely important process that enables a student to develop & improve during his education at a university or college. It has allowed me to plan ahead for assignments, reports, presentations etc. at my chosen pace and has ensured that I have become more of a motivated, effective and confident learner who is able to manage his study time effectively.
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By learning and using reflection during my time at University I will be better equipped at the end of my degree when I will be applying for graduate positions at the workplace. How and what I learn is my responsibility and I’m certain that by using PDP whilst here, I will be able to get the most from my academic studies. As I’m almost at the end of 2nd semester, I plan to use all the skills I’ve learned to ensure that I will be equipped to make progress in the future and achieve even better results by using everything I’ve learned to utilize my time and study

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