Personal Computer Of The Computer Essay

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The development of the personal computer came after nearly thirty years of small components being innovated, beginning with humans need to develop a mechanical device that could do arithmetic. Personal computing began to actually become more of a reality in the early 1970’s, due to the invention of the microprocessor in 1971. The Intel 4004 contained many crucial components of the computer, from the CPU to the input and output controls into one miniscule silicon chip (Computer History Museum). This allowed for the entire computer to become smaller in size as compared to earlier years. The microprocessor also allowed the price of computers to drop, thus opening up the market to a larger clientele base. This small silicon based chip is what drove the computer into its fourth generation where these machines ultimately became smaller and smaller. The fourth generation of computing also brought about the implementation of integration where a single computer would be able to do multiple task such as work as a word processor or be used for video output. The ability for companies to even start producing consumer friendly personal computers began with many small steps like the invention of the vacuum tube, the transistor, the integrated circuit and culminating in the microprocessor. Technology is the major factor in holding innovation back, the concept of an integrated computer had been conjured up many decades before it could actually be made. The microprocessor would have never…

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