Personal And Professional Values Of Racism And Police Brutality

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Police officers have a significant role in society because they enforce laws. However, police brutality is a difficult dilemma that has been present in the United States for a long period of time. Nevertheless, with today’s advanced technology, citizens are able to witness the harsh brutality police officers are engaging in towards minorities. Over the last decade cell phones have brought to light the extreme issues of racial disparity in police encounters. There are ethical theories that analyzes police brutality from different point of views such as virtue ethics and ethical formalism. Moreover, there are personal and professional values that makes police officers vulnerable into engaging in police brutality. In order to address police brutality police departments need to expand and change police training, and more community policing that create bonds between police officers and minorities. Police brutality can fall under many behaviors. According to the article Racism and Police Brutality in America by Cassandra Chaney and Ray V. Robertson it gives a formal definition of police brutality as the following, “The use of excessive physical force or verbal assault and psychological intimidation” (Walker, Chaney & Robertson). Police Brutality can be physical force, and intimidation throughout aggression and verbal assault. Police officers use …show more content…
An important professional value for police officers is safety and fairness. Police officers need to maintain order and protect American citizens from danger. However, this professional value makes this profession vulnerable because police officers are more likely to engage in Brutality in order to “protect other citizens”. When in reality they are abusing their powers and mistreating minorities. Police officers are not being fair because they are discriminating minorities based on stigma that is attached to

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