Personal Action Plan for Diversity Consciousness Essay

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BEHS 220 (2152)
Personal Action Plan for Diversity Consciousness
8 March 2015

Diversity is an ongoing discussion in day-to-day life. Not many situations occur without diversity having a role. There are a multitude of topics that introduces or involves diversity, to include age, sex, race, gender, ethnicity and so on. Prior to participating in this Diversity Awareness class, I’ve always thought diversity was more geared around discrimination and racism. Through weekly readings and discussions, I have discovered that diversity is much broader than that. There are many countries that are mixed culturally
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I assumed that diversity dealt with the two main topics of racism and discrimination, but didn’t realize that those topics only scratched the surface of understanding diversity. My understanding has grown immensely since taking this class. Besides the norm of racism and discrimination, my understanding of diversity also expanded into religion, adultism, and ableist. Prior to this class I had never heard of nor had any idea what adultism nor ableist was.
Religion is a very sensitive subject to discuss. More often than not, a conversation involving religion is just as tensed as a political debate. I never realized that specific religions view themselves as supreme or better than others. I found it shocking that many immigrants would flee to America in the hopes of practicing their religion freely, only to be criticized and ridiculed just as much as they would in their home country. After weeks of reading materials and watching videos my understanding and views on diversity has changed. I won’t be too quick to cast judgment or form an opinion of someone without considering cultural differences. I have realized that words have a strong impact on individuals and can influence people to do either good or evil. Words can also convey powerful emotions, if used in a negative manner; ableist words could cause some people serious emotional harm.

Two ways in which my “diversity skills” has been affected by taking this class Having skills in diversity is needed

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