My Resident Assistant Action Plan Essay examples

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My Resident Assistant Action Plan It has been my goal since last year to become an R.A. my junior year of college. I knew I couldn’t be one this year because last year I lived at home and commuted to IUPUI every day. My sister and brother were both R.A.s and it has been a really appealing position to me for a while. I want to be an R.A. because it is a really good opportunity to put myself to the test. I am hoping that if I become an R.A. I can help new students or returning students find their way thought class scheduling, living with new people, handling homework, and the general stresses of starting college. I think that this is something I could be really good at…and I am excited to use my newfound leadership skills. All that being said, I still need to finish my R.A. application, and it is no easy process! First of all I had to really ask myself if I was up to the job. And I think I am! I told my R.A. that I was interested and he sent me an email about R.A. callout meetings. It was a required call-out meeting to all students interested in the position, so of course I went! After going to that I got a lot of information, so much that the application process seemed impossible (it’s a good thing I’m making this action plan!) The next step for me now is to go to the Residential Programs and Services IU website and login to my R.A. application. The first step that I need to take before anything else is to choose two people that I think will be good writers for my…

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