Persepolis Monologue Analysis

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In the episode, ‘The Exam’ Persepolis monologue in which she highlights the dearth of true religious people in Iran. She also raises the issue of restrictions on display of emptions in public by hugging or kissing as it would lead to severe punishment like flogging, whipping or imprisonment. Such was the repressive law of the religious regime of Iran. After the execution of Shah of Iran. Marjane Satrapi also bring to the fore the importance given to Islamic Martyrs and their children.
Here is a monologue of Marjane Satrapi: In June 1989 after two months of hard work, the day of the exam had finally arrived. The candidates gave the exam in different classrooms, according to their gender. To get into the college of art, in addition to the other tests, there was a drawing
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Her monologue highlights the terror and fear that the Islamic revolutionaries had created in the minds of people of Iran. However all mullahs should not be painted with the same brush as Marjane Satrapi finds a truly religious mullahs who appointed the honesty with which she had drawn a photo of Michelangelo’s ‘la pieta’ but with a difference. The character use the opportunity presented to her in the course of a qualifying examination for the college of Arts. She gives vent to her feelings, emotion and behaviour in this qualifying exam. Other than the exam her intimacy with her friend also reveals her true feelings as a human and their suppression by the Islamic law. This contrast between the normal world and the repressive regime has been duly highlighted. In fact this has been the major theme along with that of identity crisis in the memories of Marjane Satrapi. The fanatic, fundamentalist, orthodox Islamic Revolutionaries have been fed the myths and symbols to ignite their false sense of religiosity and their duty towards Islamic at

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