Causes Of Teen Dating Violence

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Dating Violence Amongst Teens
Teen dating violence is an issue that occurs more often than one might think. February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. (“How to Talk About Teen Dating Violence to Your Students, 2016). According to (Korchmaros, Ybarra, Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Boyd, & Lenhart 2013) in the article “Perpetration of Teen Dating Violence in a Networked Society”, teen dating violence refers to violence within a relationship by which one partner is hurt or controlled. This means that one individual in the relationship is the perpetrator and the other is the victim. Teen dating violence has more than one category. Teen dating violence is not only physical but mental and sexual. (Korchmaros et al., 2013). Physical dating
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The first factor to include in a case of TDV are the warning signs of abuse. Some of the warning signs of abuse are: asking permission to see family or friends, asking permission to do something without your partner, apologizing for your behavior so your partner will not get upset and drastically lessen the time you spend with family and friends. (“How to talk About Teen Dating Violence to Your Students, 2016). The signs listed above can be seen by someone outside of the relationship in which the abuse is occurring, but often those signs that seem so obvious are overlooked. Thinking of risks as things that can result in TDV, makes risks similar to causes, but the risks are different. Risks are things that display what could happen if this event transpires. TDV is linked to several different risk factors. As stated in the article entitled “Examining the Association Between Bullying and Adolescent Concerns About Teen Dating Violence” written by Katrina J. Debnam, Sarah L. Johnson and Catherine P. Bradshaw, “For example, depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation and behaviors, engagement in physical fighting, and believing that violence is tolerable and justifiable have been shown to increase the risk for teen dating violence victimization.” (Debnam et al., 2013). Individuals who show this behavior or those traits are at risk of being a victim of teen dating violence, or the perpetrator. This means that parents or guardians should be aware if their child resembles any of the items listed above, to ensure that he/she is not a part of a relationship with dating violence. If a student is displaying a lot of behavioral conduct problems at school this is also a sign of being at risk to be either a victim or perpetrator of TDV, examples include expulsion or suspension from school, and engaging in substance use and risky sexual behavior.

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