Performing For The Camera With Bukubuku ( Bubbling ) Essay

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Performing for the Camera – Bukubuku (Bubbling)

Performing for the Camera encapsulates the creative minds that began building the relationship between photography and performance while highlighting the eras of performance and photography that were most affected by technological advances and global movements. This exhibit encompasses far more than the growth of photography as it relates to performance, it spans decades, cultures, planned performances, improvisation, politics, and identity.
The piece that I have chosen to focus on from this exhibit is Masahisa Fukase’s Bukubuku (Bubbling). This piece was on display in the Self-portrait room and was created in 1991 as a self-portrait of the artist blowing bubbles underwater. The full piece is seventy-nine photographs. It exists as a part of the Masahisa Fukase Archives, courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery but the photos are on short-term loan to the Tate Modern. Performing for the Camera did not include all of the seventy-nine photographs in their exhibition, and neither would I. I would pick eight of the photographs and arrange them in perpendicular pairs across one wall. This would be the most effective way to exhibit these photos because the eye would bounce focus up and down between photographs creating unique movement in the still images.
I feel it is absolutely necessary to include this piece in my own exhibition because it portrays the human nature to question. Fukase is questioning what he looks like performing a…

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