Essay about Performance Metrics : The Hr Manager

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First of all the easiest way to convince them is by clearly linking the issues of performance metrics. Management speaks the language of profit and loss, HR should get their attentions by speaking the same language through policy making that supports growth as well as maintaining fairness and justice for the employees. For an organization to be successful they should combine the experiences of both line managers with the expertise of HR managers to develop and utilize the talents of employees to their greatest potential (Snell 30).
Another great way to convince them is for HR to have adequate knowledge I finance, accounting and economics in order to provide relevant strategic advice and counsel. The HR manager serves as an in-house consultant to supervisors, managers, and executives. Given their knowledge of internal employment information and productivity metrics as well as their awareness of external trends such as economic and unemployment data and new legal and regulatory issues, HR managers are an invaluable resource for making decisions therefore stakeholders and top management should appreciate their inputs (Snell 31).
Executives doesn’t worry much about a lot of issues that links lower level employees with the upper level. HR provides some invaluable service to the organization such as recruiting, selecting, testing, and planning and conducting training programs. Technical expertise in these areas is essential for HR managers as they design and implement talent…

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