Perfect Dress Essay

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Perfect Dress
The poem I chose to write this final reaction paper on is the poem entitled “Perfect Dress” by Marisa de los Santos. I chose this poem because the meaning of it seemed to just jump out at me and it was one of the few poems I thought I actually had a good grasp on. The poem is basically about a woman trying to find the ‘perfect dress.’ All throughout the poem, the author depicts the desire to hunt for this dress as being brought on by the want and desire to be like one of the gorgeous and glamorous models that are seen walking the runways and covering the front pages of magazines. One could tell the tone of this poem would, more or less, be sad. This could be deduced from the first line when the author writes “a blue
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She also says to picture an angel and a miracle happening. This all goes back to her not feeling beautiful, and waiting for something to just make her perfect like the girls she sees on TV and in magazines. In this poem, I think that the author was also trying to point out how futile it is to try to conform to society’s view of perfect and to give in to their gimmicks. A ‘perfect dress’- no matter how perfect it may be- is not going

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