Peregrine Trucking Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… A tire management program can help keep cost-per-mile low. The aggressive tire management program can help prevent uneven wear and road hazards. It is similar to a preventive maintenance program used to avoid delays or down-time. As part of the program the trucks must be inspected for proper wheel alignment and inflation pressure. If the wheels on an 18-wheel tractor are not properly aligned, the total drag on the vehicle increases and the operating efficiency will suffer. If the tire air pressure is not correct, the efficiency will also be impacted by the imbalance. One option is to use nitrogen instead of air; the molecules are larger than air and maintain its consistency much better to allow for greater travel distance. Dura-seal technology has been around for a while. The initial cost of the tires can add up, but the return on the investment is well worth the cost. This technology is self-sealing operations that prevents flats and save companies thousands of dollars in down-time. Combine with proper driving style this can amount to huge gains on the part of the trucking company and decrease fuel …show more content…
The goal is to continue to find ways to meet the green supply chain requirements while managing the overall cost of operation. Operating cost is an essential part of a business strategy and requires careful monitoring and continuous improvement in order to remain competitive. Alternative fuels, new engines, better performing tires and capacity utilization are all great ideas, but without the correct individuals to execute the plans it’s all just great ideas on paper. A combination of properly trained individuals with efficient equipment and technology can lead to improved …show more content…
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