Argumentative Essay On Masturbation

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In 1994, the Surgeon General of the United States was dismissed from her position for suggesting that schools engage students in the explicit discussion about masturbation. When looking back, putting aside personal or religious beliefs concerning the topic, it would appear that masturbation would serve as a countermeasure against teenage pregnancy and the transmission of sex-related diseases, but when politics enters the discussion, everything rational gets tossed out the window (Canino, J. T., 2003).
The act of masturbation is a natural act, familiar to all males and females. But for some silly and profound reason, society as a whole believes that masturbation is a topic that should not be discussed in our schools, within our families or even in public (Canino, J. T., 2003). Look anywhere,
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It serves as a means of psychological renewal, anxiety release or fantasy enactment, prior to returning to the real world (Fahs, B., & Frank, E., 2014).
Research suggests that more men participate in masturbation, equating their self-pleasure for their desire for sexual intercourse, more so than women, which may indicate a woman 's lesser desire for pleasure. Some women think of masturbation as a power struggle, with women winning the war of a sex over a male dominated sexual environment, as it gives control and power over their own body instead of being submissive to the male. It 's a matter of connecting with your own sexuality before satisfying someone else.
Women engage in clitoral stimulation and abstaining from penetration masturbation as a rejection of a male sexuality and at other times find masturbation as a source of entertainment, and enjoyment, without the need for the participation of another individual, much like the card game,

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