Peppard MKTG522 Wk3 Essay

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Brian Peppard
MKTG522, Week 3 Assignment
Professor Schauer
November 14, 2014

The Daylesford Organic Farm Concept Hello, everyone. Today I will be discussing the prospect of an organic farm-based business that I feel would be very beneficial for our company. To begin, I would like to talk about an already successful business based on the organic farm concept that is present in the United Kingdom. The name of this business is Daylesford and its purpose for this discussion is to look at it as somewhat of a template as to what our eventual business can be. First, we should take a look at a brief overview of the Daylesford Organic Farm concept. According to author Gwenda Brophy (2004), Daylesford Farm was first opened
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16). In marketing the Daylesford concept, the shop has generally relied on word of mouth but has also been a presence with many charitable and community events (para. 17).
Potential Market Segment Next, it is important that the target market for our organic-based business is identified. There are many factors here to consider when marketing our organic products to the consumer. Authors Bellows, Diamond, Hallman and Onyango (2008) noted that studies have linked organic purchases to consumers with perceived attributes that include taste, freshness, quality, safety and health (para. 7). In terms of the socio-economic characteristics of the organic consumer, research has shown that they are likely to have had a high education of college or above, are urban dwellers, have a high income, are younger consumers in age and predominantly female. The research on what motivates the organic consumer to purchase organic products reveals that the private benefits relating to food consumption are more important than the knowledge of the public benefits regarding organic farming. Essentially, it is more important to the consumer to purchase these products for the taste, freshness, convenience and health than out of concern for the environment as organic farming helps in reducing water pollution and protecting

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