People with Disabilities Essay

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Rosa Marcelino

Living as someone with a disability is not easy. Whether you were born with your disability or acquired it later in life, it is something you must live with everyday. These people are constantly discriminated against. From children who are starting out in school to adults looking for and trying to maintain a job. Another struggle is for the families and parents of children with disabilities. Every parent wants the best for their children and to ensure them a great life, but for some this is not always easy.
Everyone has a right to equal opportunities. And those opportunities start in children and youth. Since the 1960s, there have been tons of federal legislation that relates directly or indirectly to individuals with
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Nick later in his speech after more information on Rosa and how smart she is states the importance of getting rid of the term mentally retarded, “If we get rid of the term mentally retarded, and replace it with the new term, intellectually disabled, we’ll be showing people that times have changed. We won’t let professionals use words that are outdated and hurtful. Some people say they are just words, and it’s not going to make a difference if we just change the words. Some say we shouldn’t worry about the words, just the way we treat people. But when you think about, what you call people IS how you treat them!! If we change the words, maybe it’ll be the start of a new attitude towards people with intellectual disabilities. They deserve it.”
Nick’s points really say a lot. It is true that times have changed and yes things have come along way but there is still a long way to go. He made an excellent point by stating that what we call people is how we treat them. I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize that one simple word can be so hurtful. He also says how a new attitude towards those with intellectual disabilities needs to happen, and that they deserve it. Which is something I have learned a great deal about through out this class. There have been many acts and laws put in place to rid of discrimination and protect those with disabilities. And

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