People Who Work At Wall Street Essay

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People who work in Wall Street are considering elites of the society, their works are related to finance and deal with the world economy. There are many students are desiring for working at Wall Street; however, this dream is hard to accomplish because this job is considered for people who are considered “smart”. In Biographies of Hegemony, the author Karen Ho brings up the idea of smartness, which is addresses to people is not only have individual intelligence, but also a person who have the quality of being an expert that has self-confidence, aggressive, and hard-working. Basically, in the article, Ho talks about these students are from Harvard or Princeton and now they are working on Wall Street. Ho believes smartness is a form of impressiveness, because smartness is not just about intelligence, but also a way to separate from normal people. However, in Project Classroom Makeover, the author Cathy Davidson pays more attention to students who may not be the expertise, and use collective learning to share different opinions with others. Collective learning brings out the idea of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is a group of people will share their ideas and solve the problem, which is one way of collective learning. The theory of smartness shares commons and differences with collective learning. For common, both the theory of smartness and collective learning requires students to work together and to have the confidence to conquer the difficulties, which lead to the future…

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