People, Structures And Processes : A Constitutional Monarchy Essay

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People, Structures and Processes
1. A Constitutional Monarchy is the only way to govern a country
A constitutional monarchy is when both the Government’s and the Crown’s powers are restricted by the overriding statute referred to as the constitution. Australia serves as the best example of a constitutional monarchy, other examples include New Zealand, Canada and Denmark. The United Kingdom is slightly different with no single constitutional document but a prominent Monarchy. The USA however, consists of a constitution without a monarchy, crown or head of state. What is thought-provoking is that while Australia, the UK and the US have formed different types of government, they still abide by a democratic system when electing politicians. Both the Australian and US constitution enshrine inalienable human rights such as religious freedom and expression. (, 2014) The ‘monarchy’ aspect does little or nothing to protect such rights therefore being useless in advancing social progress and creating rigorous law. In a pure democratic society, one would see that each representative of law would be voted in by the people. Monarchy, however is decided by bloodline rather than a collective decision by the public. Critics of the monarchy often point to the fact that it usually is merely symbolic and only the constitution can bring about sound parliamentary restrictions and guarantee absolute human rights. Despite the fact that a Monarch’s power is limited by the…

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