Peer Pressure : Positive And Negative Results Essay

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Peer pressure is a dilemma in which people tend to be easily influenced by certain ways of thinking or the lifestyles of their peers. As Peer pressures continue to spread it’s become a part of an adolescent life, which results in two different intakes known as negative, and positively influenced. Peer pressure does not just have a negative outlook it has a positive outlook as well for teens to strive to be a better.
When it comes down to peer pressure, it seems to come in all forms and size, but it does have a substantial results when peer pressure is positive. Peer pressure is understood to contribute to a negative result, which is reasonably incorrect; peer pressure can result in a positive outcome as well. There are, in fact, two types of results an adolescent can receive from peer pressure. The most common effect peer pressure has is known as a negative outcome, however, there is a positive result of peer pressure also. Stated within the Article: Negative and Positive peer influenced by Padilla-Walker & Bean, it mentions how peer pressure is either direct or indirect, but it 's usually more direct rather than indirect confrontation. The two form of peer pressure influences known as indirect and direct suggest that either negative or positive pressure could be effective to an individual. The problem with direct peer pressure is that it has a greater effect on individuals in comparison to indirect peer pressure. Direct is a powerful form of peer pressure because it’s…

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