Peel's Principals Essay

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Early Roots of Policing: Sir Robert Peel's Twelve Principals of Policing

For over a century police departments in the United States and across the world have been following Sir Robert Peel's twelve principals of policing. Almost nothing or very little has changed since these principals were first implemented in England's "Scotland Yard". Many of these principals are behind today's investigating and policing practices.

This is very true in today's police work. A police department has to be able to stand the test of time. By this I mean must be capable of enduring changes in government, and be able to react to any situation they may encounter. The
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A police officer's appearance is very important. We have to remember that an officer is dealing with the public and sometimes with other public figures within the community. The majority of the time, an officer's appearance will reflect or give the impression of how he works. If the officer is neatly dressed, boots shinned, and well groomed, we can almost assure that the officer's work is the same, nice and neat. On the other hand if the officer's appearance is poor, we can assume that so is his/her work.
8. THE SECURING AND TRAINING OF THE PROPER PEOPLE IS AT THE ROOT OF EFFICIENCY. A proper training will always save a department a lot of headaches. It also sets the bar for a good officer. The better and more intense the training the better prepare that officer will be when he is flying solo. Unfortunately this sometimes also reflects the capability of some training officers and the other factor that may contribute to the field training officer's to cut corners. For example if the field training officer is being pressured into teaching a probationary officer fast because the roster strength is short, this will lead the F. T. O. (Field Training Officer) to skip some steps of the training process in order to send this officer out to the community. A good training also provides an officer with the necessary skills on how to deal with a specific kind of situation, how to confront it, and not put either his, his partner's, or any other innocent bystander's life in

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