Pedagogy Of The Oppressed By Paulo Freire Essay

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Paulo Freire discussed the teacher-student contradiction in the text of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.” This contradiction is when students are regulated by teachers. The teachers have the power over the students, which places them in a situation that limits their freedom as a whole. The Banking Concept of Education is the reason for the lack of freedom for students. This concept contradicts students as objects, and not individuals. Assuming that the students know nothing, Freire stated that the students are the empty banks and the instructor is the banker who banks in knowledge into the students. Therefore, students are limited on their opinions, decisions, and ideas as a whole. The students are monitored by the instructors who act as the enforcer. The Problem-Posing Method is an alternative to The Banking Concept. This method is something I learned early in middle school and experience it even better in high school. I experienced Problem-Posing in leadership, sports, and debate programs in high school and it works. The Problem-Posing method is the foundation of modern critical pedagogy. Problem-Posing is an alternative that can minimize The Banking Concept of Education through communication. Freire says that “The dialogical character of education as the practice of freedom does not begin when the teacher-student meets with the students-teachers in pedagogical situation, but rather when the former first asks herself or himself what she or he will dialogue with the…

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