Pearl Harbor Reaction Papers

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December 7, 1941 is known to many as only of the bloodiest days in American history. This gruesome day now remembered as Pearl Harbor serves as a painful reminder of the horrendous tragedies of war and the catalyst for the United States’ entry into World War II. Despite, the bloody tale of how thousands of Americans were murdered and the morale of the United States was questioned, there exists some inconsistencies with the story of Pearl Harbor that many researchers and students dismissed when learning about the topic. The two largest inconsistencies with Pearl Harbor is the reason behind the Japanese committing to the attack and post-event description through American eyes. These two inconsistencies frequently pop up within conversations and …show more content…
Divergent to what is believed by others, Pearl Harbor was absolutely not the catalytic agent that invited the United States to battle the treacherous Nazi Germany and the evil Axis powers for freedom and democracy. The United States knew exactly when they would enter the war: when their arms were ample and advanced to fight. According to John Muller and his article, “Pearl Harbor: Military Inconvenience, Political Disaster”, the attack on Pearl Harbor was merely a small blemish on the American morale and manufacturing of weaponry for World War II. In fact, the attack was so overhyped in the estimate of lost and damaged naval and air crafts that within weeks the American military restored and repaired almost all vessels. Furthermore, most of the naval vessels in the Harbor were old and obsolete, so the attack was not as tragic as most thought. Mueller makes a firm stance on why the act of Pearl Harbor was and is over exaggerated in history books, “…the persistent exaggerations of [military weaponry] damage stem more from the tendency of writers to apply dramatic terms to notable events than from the efforts of the United States government to use the incident to generate support for the war effort.” Pearl Harbor was not the instigator that pushed the United States to enter the world war, they were already in the process of improving their arms despite claiming political

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