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Life can be viewed as a battle field, a constant fight between good and evil. In Leif Enger's Peace Like a River, this scenario was well depicted. In the novel, there was a constant fight taking place between the good and evil characters, and though based around family, love, and brotherhood, the novel mainly focused on the conflict between these characters.
This student felt that it was fair to classify the Lands along with Roxanna Cowley, The Shultzs and Dr. Nokes as the good characters. This was a fair classification as these characters maintained their positive personas throughout the novel. On the other hand, Superintendent Holgren, Israel Finch, Tommy Busca, and Jape Waltzer can be classified as the bad characters. The main
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Although many persons betrayed them, the Lands could still count on a few old friends. The Shultzs and Dr. Nokes continued to support them even if they did not agree with Davy's actions. Throughout the novel these characters went out of their way to support their friends in their battle against evil, often putting themselves in danger for supporting them.
August and his wife Birdie allowed Davy, a fugitive, to stay in their home risking their being arrested for aiding a criminal:
Davy was not riding a horse any longer, he was driving a Studebaker, its floorboards rotted to mere embroidery. August for years had kept the old boat for a field car." "Seeing Davy's unwillingness to return home with his hands in the air, August decided the Studebaker had been more than faithful to him and needed a change of mission and oil." "Before Davy had finished breakfast, August had affixed old license plates and obscured them with dirt and snow, filled the car up with gas from his scaffolded bulk tank, and placed bread and cheese and a sack of canned goods in the trunk. (Enger 151)
This showed that the Shultzs were actually good friends, never once encouraging the Lands to resort negatively towards the other persons who treated them badly. This student felt as though it was this positive support from their friends that kept the Lands going.
Along with the support from the Shultzs, the Lands were also treated hospitably by Roxanna Cowley. Not having

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