Paul Mccartney And The Beatles Essay

1062 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Most children have a certain thing that they take from their parents once they grow up. I learned many things from my parents. One thing that has always stuck with me is a love for music. I grew up listening to artist such as “The band,” “James Taylor,” “Dion and the Belmont’s,” Elvis Presley, and many others. With that said there was one group that was above all in my father’s eyes, and that group was the Beatles. My father absolutely adored the Beatles and especially one man in particular, Paul McCartney. Every day I would listen to the great songs produced by these four English man and my fathers love for the Beatles soon rubbed off on me. So when someone asks me “if you could be any one person in Rock whom would you choose to be,” I have to choose Paul McCartney and the Beatles. There is no person who has more respect or has achieved more than him in the History or Rock ‘N’ Roll in my eyes. McCartney is the type of guy that seems to just absolutely love music. He does not seem like the guy that does it for the money. I know I get that impression from many modern artists. Listening to McCartney is different though. You get a feeling almost as if you are sitting right there with him and he is playing to you. When you watch him you reach a sense of inspiration in his voice and true love. When he and the Beatles decided that they were going to become a strictly studio group and to not go on tour, it goes to show that he and the rest of the group love just creating music.…

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