Essay on Patriotism Is The Best Thing Ever- Not Dangerous At All !

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If someone were to tell me “patriotism is the best thing ever- not dangerous at all! Just ask George Kateb or Frederick Douglas!” I would have to tell them that they were indeed very wrong in making that claim. According to George Kateb, patriotism is, in fact, a mistake. Kateb claims that patriotism is “a grave moral error and its source is typically a state of mental confusion” (Kateb, 902). This claim will be farther explained throughout this essay. Frederick Douglas, who also has ideas on patriotism, but not as clearly defined as Kateb’s argument, states that Americans boast about their love of liberty, superior civilization, and pure Christianity, but the entire nation is “solemnly pledged to support and perpetuate the enslavement of three million of its own countrymen” (Douglas, 53).
To argue against patriotism, one must first understand what patriotism is. Kateb defines patriotism as a love for one’s country. This love of country means that a patriot shows a readiness to kill or to die for his or her own country (Kateb, 906). If everyone in America was asked whether or not they were a patriot, I would believe that many people would say they are. However, if one was to tell an American what Kateb’s definition of patriotism was, I believe that many would most likely rethink or second-guess their answer. I cannot honestly state that I am ready to die or kill for America. This patriotism would also mean that a strong dislike for all other countries would be present in…

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