Patriotism In Saving Private Ryan

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An analysis of Saving Private Ryan
Saving Private Ryan aimed to portray the different terrors as well as triumphs of the D-Day as more than just a story of make believe. It is important to realize that indeed Saving Private Ryan has often been described as the most realistic as well as the most factual presentation of combat that World War II veterans have seen. The movie can currently be described as the champion when it comes to the World War II film genre, and this is because it can capture the experiences of the past, and it is also able to evoke the historical truths that are coupled with functional realities. The Movie was able to employ realistic combat violence in a way that was not seen by movie audiences, and this
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The image of an elderly Private James Ryan walking through several rows of white crosses invokes a sense of loss, sacrifice as well as national pride. However, it is important to realize that indeed in the movie, Spielberg can create a sense of greater loss especially in the wake of Vietnam. Further, the U.S public’s belief that indeed there are times that war can be just is also put to the test. There are instances where one sees that indeed Saving Private Ryan is not a triumph of patriotism but rather it is a recollection of the history of men in conflict with the enemy. In fact, it is critical to realize that the film illustrates that indeed there are Americans that are not always right. This is because there are some behaviors and actions of several allied soldiers that cannot be said to be something that one is proud of. Hundreds of German soldiers are for example killed when they have surrendered (war crimes). There came a time when the safety of an individual came before that of the State, and this showed that indeed there are times where individual life might count more than …show more content…
It is important to realize that there is the aspect of a questionable mission and a questionable premise when it comes to the film. In fact, Miller’s men and Miller himself do not fully understand why he should take almost suicidal orders to fulfill a mission that will not help the Allies win the war. However, Miller comes to learn that sometimes one has to follow orders even if they do not make sense. Saving Private Ryan was a big success, and it was nominated for many awards because of its super combat film as well as the nerve-wracking battle footage.
In conclusion, Saving Private Ryan has a firm political message, which sometimes there are missions that go beyond Patriotism and the State. There are instances where Patriotism and the glory of the nation are put aside to try and exalt kindness and goodwill. This can be described as trying hard to keep in line with the American democratic myth. The movie pushes these political themes constantly and through the words of several characters such as Hanks, the objective of the movie is fully understood. More than eight soldiers’ lives are put at a risk in order to ensure that a private’s life is returned to her mother. It is important to realize that Saving Private Ryan has been described by most veterans as one of the most realistic war films that has ever been made and for this reason it has won various awards as well

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