Patriarchal And An Arbitrary Set Hierarchy Essay

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1. What is the difference between a patriarchal and an arbitrary-set hierarchy? In your response, please define each form of hierarchy and then explain how they differ from each other.

The difference is that in patriarchal men rules over women they have more power than females and an arbitrary-set hierarchy race, ethnicity and religion.
1. It is possible for different race to live without each other, but it 's impossible for one sex to exist without the other, because they wouldn 't be able to reproduce.
2. The emotional sexual contact between women and men in arbitrary-set hierarchy is more positive than in patriarchal.
3. Arbitrary are little more violent and it 's due to the race, religion, us versus them. We have seen it happen throughout the world. This included the European Holocaust, Muslim war in Bosnia, Albanians versus Kosovo and others.
4. Patriarchal difference between male and female is that male are powerful and what they say goes. In arbitrary -set system distinctions is defined throw race, social class, nationality, religion, street gangs.
There is no society where women are in control so there is no matriarchal society. Arbitrary-set does not happen in the small groups, for instance Jewish, Arab or Indian neighborhoods share the same believes and came from the similar backgrounds.
2. What is the double jeopardy hypothesis? What does the double jeopardy hypothesis predict with regard to discrimination?

It means discrimination against women. One has to…

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