Patient Safety And Fall Preventions

This paper explores a published article that simplifies a useful tactic for patients to prevent fall injury within a hospital stay. A study was conducted to in order to exemplify all of these aspects into place. It involved of an elderly woman that had multiple fall risk conditions such as an unsteady gait, multiple medications and impaired vision. The patient was placed near the nursing station, put into a bed with an alarm, and had a response time that would be no more than 10 seconds of a wait. Yet, once the nurse enters the room the patient is found standing out of bed.
The data suggested that the employees understanding of the equipment is vital to analyzing a patient’s fall event (Fowler & Boivin, 2016, p. 22) . Fowler purposes that
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Always eager to know when the doctor going to finally approve for discharge. It is bad enough that he/she has to be there but image have it further extended due to an incident that could have been prevented, is hard to come to terms with. Which is why prevention towards patients falls should be taken into deep consideration. Through the process of a thorough assessment, proper equipment and utilizing them correctly can decrease the amount of fall injuries during a hospitalization.
When patient first enters the hospital, that individual have to be assessed not only for the conditions that he/she may has come in with, but also the medical history. There are times in which a patient can have problems with their heart, yet has history shows that there are also some vision problems, needs assistance walking and is currently taking some medication that can cause some dizziness. It is information as such that can give the nurse an insight as to how to not only care for this patient’s condition. The nurse would to add additional measures for safety to that patient’s care. Such as keeping the individual under close supervision, keeping the bed in the lowest position and making his/her self-available for that patient. For if the patient has to use the restroom and already feels dizzy, there’s a high chance that the patient can fall and suffer some serious injuries. To further aid
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For a stable patient who tosses and turns a lot in their sleep, a bed alarm can easily go off if it is set to be too sensitive. Or even setting to low where the patient has already gotten out of the bed and the alarm alerts the nurse too late. Needless to say, there are various types of bed alarms, so a sensitivity level for one brand can be completely different from a setting used on another (Fowler & Boivin, 2016, p. 22). The would then have to seek out further education or training on using the that specific equipment. Not only to provide the individual with better insights but also on how to care for your patient

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