Pathos And Logos In Combat High By Sebastian Junger

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In response to Combat High by Sebastian Junger, he describes how a platoon of soldiers lived in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan. He tells the reader what one soldier see 's and feel 's by showing the soldiers negative emotions towards what is going on during war at a village in Afghanistan and how it impacts that soldier. One of the soldiers that Sebastian Junger talks about is stationed at the village in Afghanistan and shows his emotional point of view of what the soldier is going through as he is in battle. This soldier that Jungar talks about has a negative vibe and in one part of the story he doesn 't cheer on with the rest of the soldiers as the others cheer for the enemy who died along the mountain. Junger exposes the emotions of …show more content…
Sebastian Junger use of rhetorical devises helps to get the readers to be more interested throughout the essay. Sebastian Junger uses pathos in an attempt to get readers emotionally invested in his essay. His use of pathos can get readers to sympathize with the solders and make them aware of the hardships they are facing during the war. In paragraph 8 the author states “Young men need mentors, and mentors are usually a generation or so older. "That isn’t possible at restrepo, so a 22 -year-old team leader effectively becomes a father figure for a 19-year-old private.” Jungers use of pathos emphasizes how young these soldiers are, also how they still need that father figure in their life. Since they aren’t around their actual father they have to result to the person who seems to have more authority along with the same characteristics as one, which in this case is the team leader. Junger uses logos when he states “One American soldier has died for every hundred yards of forward progress in the valley...” Jungers use of logos cites the fact of how many people they lose while they are progressing in the war. He Uses logos this way in hopes to get readers to realize that war is dangerous and people are always dying. He uses this fact to convince the readers that war is not worth the loss of innocent American lives. Jungers choice of rhetorical devices helped to get readers aware of the obstacles these soldiers had to face day in and day out. These difficulties that’s soldiers faced, will leave both physical and emotional scares. Being exposed to war at this early of an age will strongly affect these individuals. No matter what, they will never forget what they had to encounter during this crucial time

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