Paternal Grandmother Research Paper

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Paternal Grandmother
I have to start my autobiography off by saying I have no knowledge of my mother’s family and I have to apologize for having no interest in learning about that side of the family. This autobiography will be a reflection of my family related to only the paternal side. I will start with my father 's mother. My grandmother originally born Sheryl Lynn’ Ann Williams, now Sharon Williams, was born in New Orleans Louisiana. She was born on April 5th, 1949 and was the youngest of 8. Born of Estella Jacobs and Sterling Williams, she lived in a farm in New Orleans with her mother father and 7 siblings. At the age of 2, Nana’s mother became ill and was too sick to take care of her. It was agreed that her maternal grandfather Eugene
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Her father remarried a woman named Clara. At the age of 9, Eugene died by what my family considers “black magic.” The doctors could not determine the cause of his death, but it was determined in the family, his sister has poisoned him using black magic for her own selfish and twisted reasons. My grandmother was then under the care of her Step-Grandmother, who abused her and mistreated her for years. She formed an emotional cut off with her step-grandmother because of the mistreatment. My grandmother’s boundaries varied depending on the mood of her step grandmother. She was not allowed to enjoy the day with friends nor was she allowed to entertain the idea of boys. Her step-grandmother became disengaged and they never had the opportunity to form a healthy relationship. My grandmother’s only subsystems included school and family. It is unclear what made her turn into a real life evil-stepmother, but my grandmother was determined to move out of that apartment. At the age of sixteen, my grandmother met Linda who I call my Aunt Linda, and they lived together in a small apartment on the Southside of Chicago. My grandmother found a job at a factory and worked there and …show more content…
My father was born January 17, 2015. He went to grammar school, high school and started college at Philander Smith in Arkansas. He was in his second year of college when he came home for the weekend and met my mother. Apparently they conceived me, and my father went back to Arkansas. A few weeks later, he gets a call saying that he was going to be a father. Trying to be responsible, he moved back to Chicago only to find out my mother was in high school. Due to the dynamics of my mother 's side of the family, my father felt it was best that he was in my life. He tried to work things out but realized soon that my mother was not who he wanted to be with. In 1994, my father came to my brother 's house only to see burns on my arms. She ended up having a second by a man who no one knew, and my mother 's current boyfriend who fathered my mother 's next child, beat my sister to the point that she had brain deficiency. Not to mention my sister was 4 months premature. My mother did not want the abuser to go to jail, so she stated to the police that the incident never occurred. She was abusive to me, as well as promiscuous and began the custody battle for my sister and me. In 2000 he won the custody battle. Before the custody battle was won, my sister and I were “wards of the state” essentially orphans who had not been claimed. My grandmother took me and my sister in

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