Passage to Africa Analysis Essay

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From A Passage to Africa
George Alagiah writes about his experiences as a television reporter during the war in Somalia, Africa in the 1990s. He won a special award for his report on the incidents described in this passage. I saw a thousand hungry, lean, scared and betrayed faces as I criss-crossed Somalia between the end of 1991 and December 1992, but there is one I will never forget. I was in a little hamlet just outside Gufgaduud, a village in the back of beyond, a place the aid agencies had yet to reach. In my notebook I had jotted down instructions on how to get there. ‘Take the Badale Road for a few kilometres till the end of the tarmac, turn right on to a dirt track, stay on it for about forty-five minutes — Gufgaduud. Go another
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Comment [i17]: It’s as if they have become immune to the face s, no one can connect with them Comment [i18]: Again, animalistic, desperation, feeding her children nutrition, like a pig foraging for food Comment [i19]: This situation is not something we can relate to, also portrays helplessness, as they know it is coming Comment [i20]: Blunt, powerful, short sentence Comment [i21]: Death is easy for them, it’s almost

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