Parking And Transportation On And Around Uw Stevens Point Campus

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Date: Dec. 12, 2016
To: Sally Reese, Director UW-Stevens Point Parking Services
From: Aaron Lewis, UW-Stevens Point Student
Subject: Parking and Transportation on and around UW-Stevens Point Campus

As a non-traditional student attending UWSP, I have to commute to school from a distance that requires me drive a vehicle daily. When I arrive on campus; I face the same problem day in and day out; finding a parking spot is impossible. The parking lots are filled, the streets are lined with cars and there is simply not enough parking available. I understand that the cost of new parking lot or parking structure is very high, that is why I have outlined an alternative strategy that if accepted may relieve street congestion and open more parking spots in existing lots while maintaining; if not improving; the student and community members’ accessibility and meet their transportation needs. Basic principles of sustainable parking policy and planning
1. Minimum parking requirements subsidize driving by shifting the costs of car use onto development and the non-driving public.
2. Required parking imposes significant direct and indirect costs; parkers should bear this cost, not the general public.
3. Good access is easily impeded by abundant parking. Conservative parking requirements allow better accommodation for public transit, walking and bicycling.
4. Increasing supply lowers prices and stimulates increased parking demand.
5. The demand for parking is influenced by price and…

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