Parents 's Parental Marriage Status Essay

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Children across the country are being affected by their parental marriage status. Those children who grew up in families that are divorced tend to have a more stressful lifestyle than those who are in families of non-divorced. Studies have shown that children who grew up in divorced families tend to have harsh childhoods due to divorce. It has been found that the standard of children from families experiencing a divorce or separation do worse on a variety of measures than those from intact families (Arkes 2014). A major issue related to divorce that children deal with is their location and where they can call home. Parents want their children to be with them all the time, but when they are going through divorce it can be seen as though, they don’t know where they can be. Cancian and Meyer (1998) found that the number of mothers who receive sole custody has decreased, while joint custody has increased substantially. Most children who are going through their parent’s divorce usually live with their mother rather than their father. Results shows that the child’s father custody is more likely with those who have older children or boys (Cancian and Meyer 1998; Fox and Kelly 1995; Juby et al. 2005). In divorce, with children being so young it can affect their academic status which can hurt them. In relation to children going through parental divorce, academic status of children experiencing divorce can decrease. Since this is such a tough time on children their psychological…

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