Essay about Parents Must Stay Out Past Midnight

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Parents, also formally known as mom and dad guide us through life and teach us valuable lessons. From birth, parents have hopes and dreams for their child, whether boy or girl. Every parent wants their child to excel in school and through their years of adulthood, for instance, their child becoming a doctor, going to college, or even getting married. However, some parents have different hopes and dreams for their sons than their daughters, for example, their daughter being skinny or their son performing well in school. While boys and girls are built differently, parents should not have different standards and hopes for boys or girls because problems such as double standards, gender conformity, and pressure upon the child to meet such expectations could arise. The majority of parents treat their sons and daughters differently based on their gender. Most fathers are more protective and stricter on their daughters and expect them to follow the rules, whereas the son can get away with a lot of things. For example, the son can stay out past midnight, whereas the daughter has to be home by eight o’clock. By letting the son stay out later than the daughter results in unfair treatment known as,double standards. Although they are both siblings, they are viewed and seen differently because of their gender. However, if the parents set the same rules for both child whether boy or girl this problem would not occur. Most parents think that boys can handle themselves compared…

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