Permissive Vs Authoritative Parenting

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It is believed that we are a product of our environment, and that statement is more so when it comes to children. Children are receptive to everything around them, they are like sponges that soaks up everything around them. The first interaction and experience that a child have is with their parents can have a direct impact on the child 's emotional state, Socially, Academically, and Behaviorally, and that experience will play a major role in shaping their future, putting a great emphasis on parenting. Parenting is defined in the way that parents interact with their children in the form of demandingness and responsiveness:

Demandingness refers to parental efforts to integrate children into the family through maturity demands, supervision,
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With a well balanced system, authoritative parenting makes up for where authoritarian and permissive parents lack. Authoritative parenting it is the perfect balance of the two components of parenting.

Authoritative parents direct children in a rational, issue-oriented manner by explaining the reasoning behind rules. They recognize children’s individuality, encourage verbal exchange, engage children in joint decision-making, and insist that children progressively assume more responsibility for responding to the needs of other family members within the limits of their capabilities.(Maccoby 1992).

Authoritative parents provides appropriate supports system that allow kids to take pride in their accomplishments, by stepping in only when reinforcement is needed.By doing so, the child not only learn to become self efficient, they also become better contributting members of society. Children who grow up in authoritative home tend to exhibit less behavior problems,be more adapted socially, outperform their peer academically, and a more stable mental
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Neither authoritarian, authoritative, or permissive parenting is a perfect formula for parents to follow. But Authoritative Parenting style coupled with the parent 's physical presence especially that of the father, provides the child with a more balanced emotional, mental, behavior and academic experience. Parents play an important role on their children 's life especially during the early years, by using the more effective parenting style can help their children grow up to be emotionally stable members of society, by creating a supportive environment for the child to question and explore coupled with positive feedback which encourages growth and progress while involved in healthy child parent

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