Essay on Parenting Styles And Social Anxiety Among Adolescents

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The Effective Parent

Parents, for the most part, want what is best for their child and try to raise them accordingly. Whether parents chose to acknowledge it or not, everyone of them use different styles to raise their children. Though not all of these styles help the child, they all have some kind of effect, negative or positive on the child.

There are 4 types of parenting styles.

Authoritarian parenting is the more strict style. In this style parents are very controlling of their children and “try to shape, organize, and assess the child 's behavior and attitude according to their supreme values”(Parenting Styles and Social Anxiety among Adolescents). Children do not get any breathing room and they do everything based on their parent’s wishes. This form of parenting is said to produce intelligent kids and socially awkward kids who may develop anxiety.

Authoritative parenting is more laid back than Authoritarian. Parents have high expectations for their children but are more “sympathetic” to failure. These parent communicate with their children to solve problems with their authority still evident but “responsive” to their children’s feelings, wants, and concerns. “These parents provide freedom of expression to the child, autonomy, and independence”(Parenting Styles and Social Anxiety among Adolescents). Children are “found to be more social and capable”.

Permissive parents practice an extremely lax style of parenting. They let their kids do their own thing and…

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